The biomimetic

High force multiplication ratio – no speed loss
Facilitates your transverse CSR and extra-financial performance reporting
A key dedicated Deep Tech innovation designed for effective work-sharing, power assistance
and augmented intelligence to enhance health and protection in the workplace.

Eco responsible

Responsible and sustainable value chain over the entire life cycle of operations, circular economy, reduced carbon footprint

Risk reduction

The articulated internal system adapts naturally to the operator even in adverse conditions; it features a progressive, notch by notch tilting system for perfect safety in the workplace (to prevent musculoskeletal disorders), enables concurrent activity in a shared space and helps to maintain your operators’ technical skills.

New active component to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

All the experts are in agreement – current technology produces oversized, inefficient and power-consuming handling-lifting-drilling gear and robotic equipment. As for exoskeletons, which were meant to provide an answer to musculoskeletal disorders, they have demonstrated their limitations and their risks.

A transformation is now possible !

Push4m is a Deep Tech company founded in 2016. It offers ground-breaking innovative solutions that can be fully integrated into all current and future generations of mechanical applications. Following a 5-year R&D period, Push4m has developed and patented a biomimetic muscle that replicates human muscle expansion, providing remarkable gains in efficiency in modern industrial auxiliary equipment used by workforces in risky, confined or even contaminated environments.

Outstanding performance

Environmentally responsible components

Limited power requirement

Enhanced safety

Augmented muscle (AI, IoT, BIM)

New-generation auxiliary systems

The power efficiency of the human muscle

« The human muscle is not an actuator – it is a continual, extremely swift externally activated system of multiple iterative pushers. Because it imitates the human muscle, the Push4m biomimetic muscle has a much lower power input requirement than current robotic solutions, it is more compact, lighter and more accurate in all of its movements. It is designed to adapt to resistive torque by increasing motor torque or speed. In this way, it enables a robotic device to adapt to its environment and to the operator in complete safety – and not the other way around, which is the case at present. Thanks to the use of miniaturised modelling and 3D printing techniques, the biomimetic muscle, produced from an ultra-resistant, bio-sourced material, can be integrated into all devices and machines. Our MX1000 multiplier provides additional degrees of freedom, greater rotation and new functionalities, enabling it to rise to the major challenges of the 21st century! »

Push4m An innovation serving the needs of all sectors

Push4m’s biomimetic muscle adapts to all devices and machines and can be employed in all operational environments, even the toughest.

A disruptive solution to meet your industrial requirements, address your most difficult situations and rise to your strategic challenges.


    What the major influencers think about Push4m

    Awards Numerous awards for Push4m

    Special Prize 697-IA

    In the 697-IA innovation contest, Push4m was awarded the special prize by the Farman Salons des Arts & Métiers 2019, which honours cutting edge start-ups working in the sectors of the future and artificial intelligence that are likely to revolutionise the industries of tomorrow.

    best start-ups Sido

    Push4m was among the best 44 French and international start-ups at SIDO 2019, the leading European robotics showroom, comprising the best in IoT, artificial intelligence and robotics.

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